Rooftop package air conditioners installed by Joe Cools Adelaide are designed specifically for commercial applications and outdoor installation.

Rooftop Package Air Conditioners

What are rooftop package air conditioners?

Rooftop packages are designed specifically for commercial applications and outdoor installation. The term ‘packaged’ is defined as a single air conditioner, which includes heating and cooling devices. Very common particularly in single-story commercial buildings; e.g. offices, shops, restaurants, open plan offices and work spaces, supermarkets, shopping malls, auditoriums, warehouses and workshops.

Because these units are most often located on the roof, the packaged unit is commonly called a ‘rooftop air conditioning package'. However, they also can be slab-mounted on the ground. They are often installed with either vertical or horizontal supply and return air connections.

How do rooftop package air conditioners work?

Rooftop packages usually connect to a ductwork ventilation system that distributes the air that has been conditioned through the building and then returns it to the rooftop package unit.

The easiest way to understand why the system is called a ‘package’ is, if we think of a split system it has two split and separate units (indoor and outdoor unit), in a rooftop package, instead of being split, the two units are combined to work together in the package. Joe Cools can supply air conditioning units from a wide product range to suit light commercial packaged air conditioning applications.

Joe Cool’s qualified and certified mechanics install rooftop package air conditioners on commercial and industrial buildings in Adelaide.

This air conditioner is reverse cycle and uses the same technological principle to heat and cool as ducted reverse cycle and split systems.

Good pointers about rooftop package air conditioners

Where to use rooftop package air conditioners

  • Commercial properties are ideal for rooftop packages because their roof spaces are often flat and open for installation.

Installation & operation of rooftop package air conditioners

  • Installation generally complete in two or more days depending on the size of the job.
  • Installing a rooftop air conditioning unit usually requires the use of a crane to hoist the heavy package and installation equipment up onto the roof. Access for a crane is essential to lift the air conditioning package up and possibly to remove old air conditioning equipment.
  • Rooftop packages are extremely large and heavy, it is important to determine how much load the roof can bear.
  • For installation or if something breaks down in a rooftop package air conditioner, the technician need only go to one place, the rooftop, to check the unit and all the connections.

Joe Cools rooftop package air conditioning installations are covered by our 12 month installation warranty and manufacturers’ warranties.

Cost of rooftop package air conditioners

  • Package air conditioners are generally more expensive to purchase and install.

Environmental benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning

  • Filters and cleans the air.
  • Modern units have low operational noise levels.
  • Modern units use less damaging refrigerants to the environment.
  • They're very efficient and are particularly useful in humid hot summer conditions as they also dehumidify the air.

If you have any questions about the rooftop installation, just give us a call on 0412 820 271 or email Joe Cools at; we're happy to chat.

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