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10 Top Tips: Save Money on Air Conditioning Electricity Running Costs

Ten cool tips for reducing your heating and cooling electrity bill.

Here’s 10 Cool Tips to help reduce your electricity bill and keep your air conditioner running more efficiently and economically – saving you $$$.

1. Check the air conditioner’s filters are clean.

Filters are designed to catch outdoor pollutants such as dust and microbes, so if yours are dirty and clogged up, they will place considerable strain on the system. Once cleaned your air conditioner will thank and reward you with vastly improved filtration and airflow. It’s the number one 1 reason why air conditioners stop working!

It’s easy to clean your air conditioner’s filter. Check out our cool DIY videos on:

2. Turn your system on earlier in the day.

Pre-cooling your room before it becomes gets unbearably hot will mean your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to reach the set temperature. Inverter systems operate most efficiently once the set temperature is reached. The timer function on modern units allows you to set on/off times even if you are not home – saving you $$$.

3. Change the thermostat temperature.

Save the amount of energy consumed by setting the thermostat temperature one to two degrees higher for cooling. This helps your air conditioner reach its set point quicker and it doesn’t consume as much energy - saving you $$$.

4. Only cool the rooms you're actually using.

The smaller the area to cool, the lower the energy consumption. Keep the air in the conditioned area contained and cool by closing doors, sealing windows or other sneaky cracks that may be air conditioning your neighbourhood instead of your house – saving you $$$.

5. Switch zone settings.

Switch zone settings on/off on ducted systems redirecting the cool air where you need it most. There is no need to ‘over cool’ in Summer and turn your house into an igloo. Many new systems enable you to program and quantify the amount of airflow you want into particular zones to increase your comfort and minimise energy consumed – saving you $$$.

6. Use fan-only or dehumidifying option for cooling.

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, switch your air conditioner over to the ‘fan-only’ option to circulate air around the room creating a cooling effect like a gentle breeze. This may be sufficient cooling on some days – saving you $$$.

Switching to the ‘dry’ or ‘dehumidify’ option will not only remove humidity in the air but it also makes the room temperature much more comfortable. Best of all, the system’s compressor operates at a lower speed, significantly reducing your energy consumption – saving you even more $$$.

7. Apply window treatments.

Closing curtains, blinds and outside/inside shutters can all help to reduce the direct sunlight entering the room minimising the room’s heat load. Consider ways to insulate windows, tints, double glazing or even shade the area outside to block excessive sunlight and heat – saving you $$$.

8. Switch off unused appliances.

Switch off unused appliances and avoid using the kitchen oven as these consume additional power and further increase the heat load in small areas making your air conditioner work harder – saving you $$$.

9. Best Energy Rated Air Conditioners & Installation

There is a star rating for air conditioners which measure the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for cooling. It’s important to note that these measurements are performed under controlled conditions and in reality there are many variables affecting the air conditioner’s performance and energy consumption. These include the architecture of your house, age of your air conditioning system, its design, size of the unit, how competently it has been installed and finally, how the appliance is used by those within the household and how often.

No matter how energy efficient your air conditioner is, it’s performance and energy consumption is dependent how these variables are managed to minimise your system’s energy consumption. Lower electricity costs are all about reducing your home’s energy consumption – saving you $$$.

10. Check the age of your air conditioner

Consider the age of your air conditioner; age takes its toll on mechanical services and at some point they reach retirement. Air conditioning technology has improved remarkably and modern air conditioners are very efficient. If you would like to replace the once ‘old faithful’ air conditioner with a new more efficient and economical one, contact Joe Cools to help you find a replacement that meets your needs and budget.

Hopefully these Cool Tips have been helpful and you’ll have a nice surprise on your next electricity bill – saving you $$$. Try our Cool Tips for yourself and let us know how they work.

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