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Multi-head Split System Air Conditioning

Why have multi-head split system air conditioning?

This system can be used where there is insufficient room to install ductwork in the roof/ceiling space. For example a cathedral roof or a flat roof building.

How does multi-head split system air conditioning work?

Multi-head split air conditioning systems from Joe Cools Adelaide use the same reverse cycle technology as ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

Multi-head split system (or multi-head) is comprised of a number of indoor wall split air conditioning units that are powered by a single outdoor unit.

This air conditioning system is reverse cycle and uses the same technological principle to heat and cool as the ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

Good to know pointers about multi-head split systems

Where to use multi-head split systems

Installation & operation of a multi-head split system

Cost of multi-head split system air conditioning

Environmental benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning

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