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Low Cost Heating

Why choose an evaporative air conditioner or cooler?

Electric blow and bar heaters may look small and innocent regarding energy consumption and running costs, but chances are they are energy guzzlers and far more expensive to run than a Wall Split Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner (AC).

Did you know that a Reverse Cycle AC is at least 3 times more efficient when compared to a portable electric heater.  Here's why a Reverse Cycle AC can dramatically lower your heating costs plus 8 benefits.

FACT: When it comes to heat output, an electric heater has a one to one ratio of power to heat output this means for every 2 kW of heat you require 2 kW of electrical power.

FACT: In comparison a Reverse Cycle air AC (heating & cooling) only requires 0.6 kW of electrical power for 2 kW of heat.

So why does Reverse Cycle AC require less electrical power for heat?

The Reverse Cycle AC (heat pump) harvests heat energy from outdoor air, heat which is free to you. This heat energy is then pumped into your Reverse Cycle AC and transferred into the air warming your home.

Surprisingly, even though the outside temperature may seem bitterly cold, there is still heat energy present that can be harvested by your AC and transferred warming your home. In fact heat remains present until the scientific measurement of 'zero degrees Kelvin' or 'absolute zero'' which is when atoms stop moving. In Celsius measurement this is minus 273.15 degrees.

Benefits of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner:

  • Save on electricity – heating cost is about 1/3 compared to electric heaters. An initial cost upfront cost but then reap the reward of energy bill savings.
  • Auto timer - Set it for start and finish times, so you get up to warmth. Wi-Fi controls are options with most units.
  • Thermostat control– set the temperature and forget. No wasted energy.
  • Even room coverage - unlike one spot directional radiant or blow heaters.
  • Improved air quality – filters out dust and pollens.
  • All Year – heating in winter and cooling in summer.
  • Safe to use – electric heaters can cause fires, risk of clothing combusting and skin burns. Electrical circuits can be easily overloaded.
  • Environmentally better – produce 1/3 the greenhouse gas emissions compared to standard electric heaters. Modern units no longer use the environmentally damaging refrigerant R22.

Wall Split Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are lower priced and are ideal for air conditioning one room. Excellent value for the budget conscious.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems provide cooling/heating year round temperature control via a series of multiple ducts installed in the roof. The cost of modern air conditioning technology has significantly reduced over time.

Get in touch with Joe Cools today if you are an energy savvy homeowner, we can help you find an air conditioning solution to meet your budget.

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