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How to help Tradies do their best work for you

Why choose an evaporative air conditioner or cooler?

Our Joe Cool's tradies have shared the 8 things they really appreciate that helps them provide the best air conditioning installation service to their customers from the beginning to end of a job.

1. Tradies Time

Tradies, like anyone else appreciate customers respecting their time. If you’re not sure you want an air conditioning system then it’s best to phone and discuss your project first before booking an onsite visit.

Better still, try the Online Quotation Request and upload your floorplan and photos. The request covers information the tradie needs to undertake a quotation. We then provide a quote and contact you so we can invite you to discuss it or arrange an installation date.

2. Unrealistic Price Expectations

Frequently customers ask us for cheaper prices because they ‘can get a better price elsewhere’ and that may be so – but remember its always ‘buyer beware’.

We appreciate and invite customers to compare prices and help them understand why prices in our industry may be different. We don’t dispute other companies' pricing as we don’t know their work or operations, all we know is what it takes to give our customers darn good value for air conditioning and a professional installation service that has earned us the most highly regarded reviews in our industry within Adelaide. If a customer has a budget they need to stay within, then we can usually work around that and, if needed, reconfigure the scope of the work.

3. Expecting More at No Additional Cost

If a customer decides on additional work beyond the quoted job on the day, they often don’t understand the impact of that request in the terms of quality, budget and time allocated. We can often see why they would like it done but unless the work has been negotiated as additional to the quoted cost, it won't fit into the schedule. We appreciate the customer understanding additional time, labour and materials naturally will attract additional costs.

4. Last Minute Jobs

Calling a tradie at the last minute for an installation and expecting them to come the following day is unlikely going to happen. Our tradies need and appreciate advance warning as we need time to design the system configuration for your property, order the appliance and prepare our staff for the installation, so we can do an excellent job for you. Our tradies' jobs are pre-booked, allocated a set time and then scheduled a couple of weeks or more in advance.

5. Job Delays

Project delays can be bothersome both for the tradie and the customer. Tradies set a budget for the job and set aside a certain date and time to undertake it. Very occasionally delays do happen for unforeseen reasons, but it’s important for customers to provide as much warning as possible so incurred costs and inconveniences can be avoided.

6. Job Access

We appreciate our customers providing timely and pre-arranged access to their property, along with a clear driveway which enables us to carry our heavy tools and bulky equipment to our installation worksite. Clearing inside areas and removing precious items also assists us greatly so we can minimise any disruption and inconvenience to your property and schedule.

7. Know What You Want

To enable the customers air conditioning installation to be done to the best standard possible, it is important to know exactly what you want. By all means discuss things with your tradie if you are uncertain prior to or on the day, but then make a clear definite decision to brief your tradie. This enables the tradie to know exactly what and where they are going work to install the air conditioning outlets and units at your property.

8. Late Payers

What annoys tradies the most is late payers who have agreed to the quoted price and payment terms for work undertaken. If a customer is struggling unexpectedly with money and not communicating this with the tradie, it can be very frustrating as they are not able to receive their wages and pay the material costs for the work they have done. We appreciate our customers prioritising and allocating funds ahead of time, so that they can sidestep any unforeseen budget pitfalls.

So for an awesome installation, stick by these 8 tips to help your tradie do their best work.

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